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Product Code: L_293-708114

Shachihata Japanese Hiragana Name Stamp Set

Shachihata Japanese Hiragana Name Stamp Set
Availability: In Stock
Price: Rp. 244,000




It's too much of a bother to write name on your possessions.
Don't you think so? No such burden any more with Shachihata name stamp!
Stamp Kawaii Japanese hiragana on your possessions.
Isn't it a good idea to have Japanese name?


Special ink is available for wooden and plastic items.

Available for cloth too!








With a stamp guide, you can stamp on every items in several shapes!





Stamp guide comes true professional and beautiful stamp!




large font: one letter 7 x 7mm




Small font: one letter 5 x 5mm






Package Contents:
- Stamp holder
- Ink
- Large font rubber sheet,
- small font rubber sheet
- Ink pad




More Information:



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